Pearl in Your Pocket

Ancient wisdom proven through history that will help you make the most of your life and keep on making the most of it day, after day…

Written by

Mitchel Wicking

Presented in an easy to read format, Pearl in Your Pocket provides you with all you need to know to achieve your full potential and attain the things you really want from your life.

Whether your work life is in a rut, or you just want to make a little extra money, or you just find you are unhappy and need more purpose and direction, Pearl in Your Pocket will help you get on the right path to achieve your aims, and objectives.

And yes, even if you want to become the richest person in the world, the steps within this Guide can make that happen for you.

But this is not a ‘How To Get Rich Quick Book’.

This is a ‘How To Get The Most From Your Life Book’.

But why should you continue to read this book and not any of the thousands that are on sale all over the world?

Because Pearl in Your Pocket comes to you from real experience, by someone who really knows how to achieve true happiness.

Free from the waffle and bluff of other writers, this author gives you an honest account of what it is like to turn your life around, and reach for the stars, to become all you can be.

It is a short life…so it’s a shame when people don’t make the most of it.

So, read on, listen to the words, enjoy the wisdom, and revel in the simplicity…


So. Why a pearl?

Because pearls are extremely rare. Genuine pearls that is, real natural ones spawned under the ocean. The ones that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. These are extremely rare, and are not found every day.

They are true treasures, from the deep.

There are other types of pearls – but these are called ‘cultured pearls’. They are basically fakes. They have been grown deliberately, manufactured, to meet the demands of a hungry, greedy world clamouring for things that glisten.

These cultured pearls are not honest, or true, or pure. They are copies. They have lost their uniqueness. They are clones, not individual. They have lost their true beauty.

We as human beings are also unique. We all are. But sometimes we forget that. And sometimes we become copies of others, and we lose our uniqueness. We lose our honesty, our truth, and our purity. We try to be like others who have also lost their purity, because we believe that that is the way to be. That is how we should live our lives, the things other people aspire to we believe we too want.

But really these things are shams, born of greed, and false glory, with no depth. These things are born from shallow waters.

And then one day we realize this, and decide we want to get it back.

That’s why we start searching, start looking at ourselves, start questioning where we are and what we are doing with out lives. We feel things are not right. We can see things are not right. People tell us we are not the way we used to be. We have changed. We have become different people…and not the person we should and can be.

So we start looking, and asking questions of ourselves.

We start reading books like this one.

That’s because our real aim is to find the genuine pearl that lies within us. That is what we are looking for, and want to find to see what it is like. We want to discover our true selves, and be happy.

That pearl is called happiness.

That pearl is there inside you. It is inside all of us. You are the oyster and you have to open yourself up to reveal the pearl that is in your heart. It is the opening up of yourself, the revealing of your true potential, which is the task. That is the goal, the mission.

The essence of this book.

But why a pocket?

Because a pocket is where you put all your treasured things, your keepsakes, your lucky charms, your talisman’s or lucky conker. Pockets are very personal. My dad had a lucky conker. He used to carry it around with him everywhere in his jacket pocket. It didn’t necessarily bring him any luck – but it saw him through the day.

And in many ways it re-affirmed his belief that every day he was alive was a lucky day. He was thankful.

In fact that is a line from Buddha –

“Let us rise up and be thankful, for if we didn’t learn a lot today, at least we learned a little, and if we didn’t learn a little, at least we didn’t get sick, and if we got sick, at least we didn’t die: so let us be thankful.”

This is actually very important to hang on to. Read that quote a few times. Take in the meaning. It is one of the many simple, but in fact crucial elements you must embrace on the path to achieving whatever it is you want to achieve in life.

Hang on to what works for you, embrace it, and love it. If it works for you, it is good for you, if it leads to happiness.

After all, we all have moments where we experience happiness, but usually these moments are fleeting. It’s not a substantial happiness that lasts from day to day.

We want to reach a state of total happiness that lasts forever. Finding your pearl and freeing it will bring you that aura of completeness. When we can become all that we can become.

It sounds simple, and surely we should know who, or what we are, fairly early on in our lives? But the answer to that is simply, “No”, we don’t always find out early on.

That’s normally because we have been too conditioned by society that we lose sight of ourselves, and how we feel. Our senses are deadened very early on, even as early as out school days.

Even our parenting is a major influence, and should not be ignored. Our parents tell us (with probably the best intentions) how we should live our lives. But they are not necessarily right, because they are not us.

We may grow up believing we should behave, and act a certain way because our mothers and fathers have said, “This is the way you must live your life”.

But it isn’t necessarily the right way for us. It can be confusing when we are growing up. We want to please our parents, and make them proud of us, but the life they want for us is not necessarily going to be the life we want for ourselves. It might not be the life we would choose.

But because we don’t know what life we want, or what we really are like as people at an early age, our chances of finding out are hampered before we get a chance to ask ourselves.

Outside influences are affecting us before we have had a chance to find things out for ourselves.

So by the time we get to our late teenage years when we become young adults, we are usually in a state of confusion, and discovery.

Many young people simply do not know what they want to become, or who they really are. And it is easy to see why they might feel like that, and it is easy to see why the confusion can increase, and our life can become much more complicated than it needs to be.

Simplicity is a key feature of this book.

We want to keep this book simple to read, simple to use, simple to understand. Keep it simple. There is great beauty to be found in simplicity, and you will find all the successful people in life talk about “keeping it simple”.

It’s when we over-complicate things where trouble starts. Because when we over-complicate things, our brains can’t cope. We unravel, we disintegrate, and our bodies suffer as a result, and very soon we find we have burned out and are good for nothing, and are plummeting down a never-ending spiral staircase to hell.

Many of us have been there at some point in our lives, and there will be many more to follow. Hopefully, these pages will provide inspiration so that new paths open up, revealing the possibilities that lie ahead.

And the good news is there isn’t actually much you have to “learn” in the sense of having facts, and figures to digest, and remember. This book should be read as a gentle guide, a kind of reminder of what you know already really but have lost sight of because of all the pre-conditioning you have been exposed to since early dawn.

That’s because much of what you will be reading is based on common sense. It’s about turning the clock back, starting again, looking at the very basic, and instinctive nature of us, as human beings.

But that is not to say there is nothing to learn here. There is plenty, because much of it might be new to you. There are ideas that you may not have thought of before, perhaps because they are simple ideas.

In fact learning is a very important facet of this book, because really we never stop learning. There are new things to learn every day.

Keep learning. Keep listening and remembering. Say things over to yourself. That is a good way of remembering. As soon as you have read something you like, and which has meaning for you – say it to yourself, repeat the words.

And that can be done with the words in this book, because the words are easy to understand. There are no long words and heavy academic theories. You are reading the words of an ordinary man, who has experienced life and discovered how to find his pearl and be genuinely happy, and content with his life.

But again, fear not, you will not be reading anyone’s life story. The life story of this author is not relevant to you. It is the experiences that matter, and that may be of use for you to know about, because out of the experiences came eventual happiness.

We learn through experience. And once we have learnt how to use that experience to our benefit, we what is happening, and learn how to use the experience to find ways to happiness. The path is sometimes jagged, but then becomes smoother, and now it’s like an invisible path.

The path exists, but it is now like walking on air. That is the feeling of happiness. Like flying. Permanent happiness makes you soar, without wings. All that flapping must be tiring for birds – but imagine flying without the need to flap ones arms.

Sometimes the flying is fast, other times you simply glide. And before you wonder, no, there are no drugs involved. This is not being written on anything except peppermint tea. It’s refreshing, it cleans the body.

But drinking peppermint tea is not relevant right now. It becomes relevant later. But not right now.

What is relevant to you is that you get what you paid for when buying this book. You bought it to get answers, and solutions, and suggestions, and advice, and steps for progression.

All you want to do is be able to put this book down after finishing it and say,

“Yes, I know what to do…and I now know how to do it…and I am now going to put these pearls of wisdom into action…”

You will get all of this. It is precisely what you will get. And if you don’t…well, you will have to read it again.

And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. This book is not long. And it is not full of lengthy, boring passages, where it takes forever to get to the point.

Some people have paid thousands of dollars to attend seminars and bought expensive CDs, to tell you exactly the same things you are going to learn here.

It’s exactly the same…because essentially there is no secret to attaining happiness, and self-fulfilment. The knowledge has been around for years, in different forms.

People make it out to be a “secret” but that is only because that is their angle in their attempt to make money from their supposedly little known secrets…just like some money will be made from sales of this book. But that doesn’t really matter. The point is there is no secret. It’s all out there, right under your nose in fact.

You just need to know how to be responsive to the scent.

But when you are not at your best that is when you start looking for answers you can’t provide for yourself. And that doesn’t always work. How many times have you thought you have found the answer – only to realise it’s not an answer at all, or wasn’t the answer you were hoping for?

Probably many. And that leaves you feeling like you have been ripped-off and then that has a knock-on effect and makes you feel even worse than you did when you started looking for the answers.

You feel ripped-off and that’s easy to understand. We have all been there, and felt that. But we are confident that if you read this entire book, you will not need to read anything else ever again to guide you to a way of improving your life.

So this book, you could say, has been written for all those who feel they have been ripped-off by others during their life.

Well maybe that’s another reason to keep reading.

Actually, being able to Identify is another key aspect in this Guide. Being able to identify what you need to do to make your life better, and happier, is a basic must have in your new array of skills. It’s one of the abilities you will need to acquire in a range of abilities we need.

And maybe you have already identified with something we have already spoken about?

Look back at what you have just read. Is there something there you can identify with?

Bet there is.

But you see? It’s a simple step really. But Simplicity is deceptive. It is there, but we sometimes we seem to do out best to ignore it.

And yet they always say the simplest things are the hardest to achieve. You hear it a lot in football. Keep it simple!

Look at golf. What could be simpler than hitting a ball into a hole? Well. As we all know, it is in fact not that easy without a lot of time spent on the golf course practicing.

And what about all the great tennis stars and snooker players? How do they become so great?

Practice. Hard work. Endeavour. Real sweat. Perseverance.

These too are key elements to this Guide. Practise. Perseverance. In fact, a lot of practice went in to getting this Guide just right!

As Buddha once observed:

“Like a lovely flower full of colour but lacking in fragrance, are the words of those who do not practice what they teach.”

We can turn our lives around. We can be happier than we are. It’s so easy, with the will, and determination, and desire to make it happen.

It is possible because others have practiced the things you will read about here. These are proven methods, and techniques. And these skills, and ways of living were know many years ago, way before the invention of expensive seminars, or from outrageously pricey books, or sets of CDs with hours, and hours of talking which is hard to digest, and absorb.

These skills have been handed down through the generations, by word of mouth mainly, between people who have achieved their ambitions, or reached success in developing themselves to become the person they were truly meant to be.

Or they have simply observed the way to do it, and worked it out on their own by learning, discovering.

So, everything you are about to read here comes from genuine experience, from people without fancy initials after their name, or any academic breeding, or University education.

Because there is that other University – the University of Life. It is perhaps a cliché to mention it, but it does exist.

Many people have worked their way through life, watching, and learning, and experiencing. People start off with a good job. At least it seems good at the time. It might be the best job they have ever had. They think they are going to achieve what they think is their ambition. They are earning more than they had ever earned before.

And then it all disappears. They weren’t as good as they thought they were. The great job lasted three months. And then they were out on their ear.

That high has suddenly become a low.

But then you find other work. Because you have to. You do what you need to do to earn a living. But you are not really alive. It’s not you, you are dying inside. You are just working to live, yet you are simply dying from doing the work.

How many of us know this feeling? How many of us are in jobs we don’t really want to be in? There is work you can do. In shops. And then before you know it you have spent 10 years working in shops. But really you are not a shop worker (there is nothing wrong with shop work by any means, but it’s just not you).

That is not what you are. You know that. But you were there. But every day you are there you are thinking about what you should be doing, where you should be, what you should be doing.

Day dreams of a better life. Standing there behind the counter, serving customers, always dreaming of the other life you should be leading. Every minute of every day you ware there dreaming of your other life.

You are doing your job well, you are the perfect shop worker, serving the customers, being friendly and polite and chatting to them and listening to their stories and their woes. But all the time you would be saying to yourself,

“What am I doing here?”

It’s not a good place to be. Working, doing the job you are paid to do, but all the while thinking, “What am I doing here?” It is not a good place to be, not a good state of mind to have.

It wears you down. Makes you depressed. Turns you sour. It is souldestroying. You are in a rut and you know it, but you don’t know how to get out of it. You don’t have the time, but you know there is more. You know there is more you can be. You know this is not really you. Not the you that you want to be, not the you that you know you can become.

There is more, you just know it. You want it. And you know you have to make changes.

Or you will just curl up and die.

But this feeling, it eats away at you like a cancer. It is poison. And you don’t help by just dreaming. You need to do something to change things, but how can you when you’re in this place?

It is difficult for sure. But you need to find a way. It is crucial to find a way. And you will find that way. But taking action to make changes, by adopting the methods you will be given here.

Yes, it was painful, bitterly painful. It meant losing things you love, but it is necessary to make the change. To shed the false clothing you have draped yourself in.

Sometimes we think and act the way that really is not us, not deep down. We fool ourselves into thinking we are what we want to be. But really we are just wearing a disguise. But it is a false disguise. We are just pretenders. We are acting. We are wearing masks in an attempt to fit in and get along when really all it is doing is sapping our true energy and senses.

We are fighting against our true nature. We want to become all we can be…but in many cases we become the complete opposite. A copy of what is already out there. A mere clone of the person we are working with. Just another number on the national insurance time sheet.

Okay, it may take a while to discover this, but you will, and then your life will become better than it has ever been.

And you will then know how to continue to live happily, because the way you get to your pearl is the way to keep being happy. If you continue to use the methods, and thinking described in this book after you have found your pearl, you will continue to enjoy happiness.

And something that will makes this author even happier is passing this knowledge on to others. Giving to society is actually an element of this Guide, which we will come to later.

It’s actually quite a basic human need, the need to be loved, to give love. It’s a nice feeling, and nice feelings are good to have.

The more nice feelings we can generate for ourselves, the better it is. It’s what makes us feel Good.

And that’s very important too, Feeling Good.

You see, already you will have learned here. In these few pages alone many keys to guide you on your new path have been revealed, keys to help you open up the oyster within you in which lies your beautiful new, natural pearl.

If you have missed the keys, then go back, and read these first few pages again. Have a good read, take in the meanings, see the potential.

Or continue, now that you are in the flow and wait until the end, because there you will find the keys you need in sequence.

This Practical Guide is easy to follow, and easy to use, but a little explanation will help to get one in the mood.

Okay, let’s begin…