My Life


Srin Wongsawad

(Ghostwritten/Edited by Mitch Wicking)




Srin Wongsawad was born in Bangkok, Thailand in 1952 on 15 May, but changed her birthdate to 30th December for reasons explained in her book of memories, dreams and strange experiences.

She has travelled widely, including Canada, the USA and finally for the most part, settling in London. She has met many wonderful people, some famous and some infamous, on her travels and has led a varied and amazing life but with many ups and downs including some very difficult and debilitating illnesses, the experiences of which she writes extensively.

The most worrying of these was when a few years ago she began to hear voices and slowly but surely these overtook her fragile existence and she was hospitalised to exorcise the demons visited upon her by her condition, which was finally diagnosed after much analysis as being schizophrenia.

One of the worst aspects of this relatively misunderstood illness is an inability to not listen to the voices, which can tell you to do all sorts of nasty things, even as to when you can get out of bed or indeed wash, bath, go to the loo, and in the worst extreme situations to hurt someone or even yourself.

Fortunately, with the help of friends and most notably doctors, psychiatrists and social workers, Srin now lives a happy and contented life and has been able to put her life into perspective by writing an account of her childhood in Thailand and her life and experiences since leaving that beautiful country.

This is her own unique story, in her own words, about her dreams and her nightmares in one riveting and personal account of a life full of memories, some bad but thankfully many good ones as well.

Srin now lives in London and is happy and contented whilst continuing to write and better understand the weird and strange experiences visited upon her, but thanks to her medicines she can better cope and have a relatively normal life, surrounded as she is by some very good friends, including her Editor, Mitch Wicking.


Chapter 1

The voices I heard was like people talking and whispering to my ears, I just heard Voices like on the telephone, very clear Voices of men or women or the voices of babies. For two years before I started taking the tablet I had to listen every day and night to every word that was whispered in my ears, and every word was sensible, a real conversation, so I listened to everything from these voices. I was very scared from the beginning to hear voices with no human attached. I think it is a ghost but when I hear every day or night I got used to it and there was nothing showing to be scared of, just voices like on a telephone. Most of the time at my right ear is a woman’s voice, in two languages Thai and English and at my right ear it says or tells me that people from the Palace want to talk secrets to my ear when it’s important, but only in Thai language so that I will understand. It’s only because I’m Thai but when it comes to my ears I can feel it is like something going into my ears and then it starts to talk to me. Then when it is finished it comes out from my ears again. When it comes into my ears the voice is different in both. The conversation in the left is not the same in the right. My right ear only hears the words the same when there is too much talk to my left ear and the voice will help me decide what to do to my right ear and I always believe my right ear because it means if it talks to it every word it tells me is true. Sometimes it feels like wind going in and out from my ears with the voices and comes out like wind when it is finished talking to me. Sometimes it is very uncomfortable in my ears. Sometimes it feels like ants are going in or out of my ears, but when it feels like needles going in or out of my ears to my throat or top of my head, then that is when it hurts very much, like needles into my skin. I can hear music I like a lot of the time. It’s very good music coming into my left ear and I just listen…



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