A selection of my published Scripts written for animation studios:


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iZWBKs2TQmk&feature=youtu.be (Stork)


https://vimeo.com/libertymarketingvideos (General portfolio, featuring many of my scripts)

https://vimeo.com/196846650 (Inspire Tech)

https://vimeo.com/196846728 (Thrasher Coffee)

https://vimeo.com/197381086 (Oceanos)

https://vimeo.com/260842071 (Allied Physicians Group)

https://vimeo.com/259006733 (6 River)

https://vimeo.com/271299084 (Dovico)

https://vimeo.com/256589048 (Legacy Vault)

















STORK script for 90-second video

David’s tired of so-called express deliveries.

Too slow and so expensive, he might as well hop on his bike and do it himself!

Another damaged product delivered by a courier who just doesn’t care… Michael feels powerless.

Sofia’s paid premium fare to get a dress from Paris and once again it’s late.

That’s why they turned to STORK.

STORK is the first collaborative green app that matches people who want to ship, buy and receive goods with people who want to deliver on demand or space share on their travels.

Here’s Sam and Emilie. They’re Storks.

No, not that kind…

This kind.

And yes…they’re kind, because they love to help.

Here’s David again…

With Stork he saves up to 50% compared to standard courier services.

He can choose his Stork and have his package picked up and delivered locally in under 30 min.

Michael knows his package will be treated with respect and will be brought to him in good condition and on time.

It’s all secured, with ID, pictures and payment in escrow until final delivery.

In only one day, Sofia in NY has received her box of Macarons purchased by Emily in Paris.

SOFIA knows exactly when her parcel is going to arrive because she’s able to track it and chat with Emily.

As a Stork, you can make cash being a courier in your local area or get your travel costs reimbursed, while knowing exactly when there’s work to do.

Anyone can send, everyone can deliver.



INSPIRE TECHNOLOGIES script for 90-second video

Is your online store failing to capture the attention of consumers?

Your daily order volume not meeting your expectations?

Selling items that are out of stock?

Then you need us – Inspire Technologies.

We provide a powerful combination of technical and business expertise to help take your store from hum-ho to stratospheric with just a few simple tweaks.

Whether you have 100 products or 500,000, Inspire Technologies has the power to improve your online sales, 24/7.

We do that by finding solutions to help you achieve greater order fulfilment and improve inventory management.

If you have an existing back-office system that runs your business, you are not going to replace it to accommodate a website.

You need to get the two systems to communicate.

Inspire Technologies does that for you, helping you to better manage orders, inventory status updates, shipment tracking numbers and price changes.

If you need a custom-built storefront or just a minor change to your cart to enable it to work with a vendor package, we can help.

Your Internet store should not be an island. Your products need to travel regularly to other websites to improve your product sales…

Which is why Inspire Technologies provides data feeds to a number of free and pay-per-click providers to get your products in front of prospective buyers that wouldn’t normally come to your store.

See the thing is, we provide you with that competitive advantage you may be lacking.

We can do that because we are a small business that you can actually talk to, with people who genuinely care.


Why not get in touch with Inspire Technologies today to discuss how we can help improve your business?

Give us a call or shoot us an email.


THRASHER COFFEE script for 60-second video

Some people need coffee the same way fish need the sea.

Yup. That much.

People like Wendy.

Not even 9.30 and already the day is a steam train about to derail…

And Wendy just wishes for a nearby sinkhole!



Heaven in a bag…

It’s called Thrasher Coffee.

And it really does taste like Heaven… doesn’t it Wendy.

That’s because our coffee is delivered fresh to your door using responsibly sourced beans from our sensational Dallas growers…

Whenever you need it.

When you subscribe to Thrasher Coffee you get a full… yes FULL… 16 oz bag and a FREE French Press.

Our coffee is heaven because it’s roasted to order, so you’re always going to wake to a better brew.


Be like Wendy and save time, money and hassle.

Sign up to Thrasher Coffee today and wake up to better coffee tomorrow…


OCEANOS script for 90-second video


You’re ready to start Account Based Marketing.

But what about your contact data?

You have a lot riding on ABM and the last thing you need is inaccurate, incomplete or missing contacts holding back success!

Don’t worry – that’s why we’re here, Oceanos!

Combining state-of-the-art technology with a hands-on, consultative approach we provide you with a one-two knock-out formula to help you continually assess and optimize your contact data.

And the best part is – our initial diagnostic reports are totally free!

It all starts with a Data Health Check.

This gives you insight into the accuracy and completeness of your contact data to establish a Data Quality Score.

We use this score to determine which contacts are deemed the most accurate and which are bad or suspect.

Next up is your Contact Gap Analysis.

This helps you visualize the contacts you have within your target accounts and which ones you’re missing.

You can then immediately purchase these missing contacts to ensure better coverage of the buying committee.

With the Data Health Check and Contact Gap Analysis complete, your contact data is now better aligned for continued ABM success.

If you are interested in optimizing your contact data for ABM success contact us today to get your Free Data Health Check and Contact Gap Analysis.


DOVICO script for 60-second video


That’s short for “farewell to timesheet boredomville!”

Okay, you won’t find that in the Oxford dictionary, point is – that is what we do, we take away all that time-keeping hum-drummery so you can focus on your work.

In other words, we give your time more meaning.

We do that by setting you up with your very own time tracking team.

Focus is everything; one can lose track of time resulting in delayed projects.

Time is your most precious resource.

Dovico Basic gives you more of it.

Packed with awesome features, we ensure you’re not spending your time chasing team members for time entry and assembling data.

You can start with our basic product and as you grow, Dovico grows with you.

Sign up now, to see how easy it is to sign out of boredomville.


TOAST script for 60-second video

María is a hard working Filipino woman.

She lives and works in Singapore so she can send money back home to her loved ones.

The hours are long, exhausting, so Maria always treasures her day off…but ends up wasting most of it in a long, dreary money exchange queue in Lucky Plaza.

Not anymore.

Maria’s life changed when she discovered TOAST.

TOAST is a super-smart mobile application that enables Maria to send her money home easily, quickly and securely…from almost anywhere!

She does it by topping up her EZ Travel Link Card with cash, then uses TOAST to send her money to over 7000 popular collection centre’s back home.

She only pays 2.5% commission with each transaction and best of all there are no hidden fees on the currency exchange!

This is Maria now, enjoying all of her day off – relaxing, hanging out with her friends or calling home to her loved ones.

Now isn’t that great?


Send Money. Save Money….. Earn Time!


TAWLAT script for 90 second video

So, you love eating out.

But it can be a real pain trying to search for a good restaurant that suits your budget, right?

And making a reservation can be so frustrating when you find out your restaurant of choice is all booked up.

The good news is, that all changes today.

Introducing Tawlat – the innovative free app that allows you to search and book restaurants easily and quickly from the comfort of your home or when dashing across town with friends.

Packed with awesome features that saves you time and money, Tawlat is the perfect solution for all those eat-out moments.

With Tawlat you can –

Browse hundreds of UAE restaurants by Cuisine, Location or Feature to help you choose the best one for you.

Find new exciting places to eat.

Read customer reviews.

Check opening times.

See when tables are available and secure a reservation with just one click!

Tawlat’s unique functionality also gives you driving directions, parking availability and lets you leave instant feedback about your eat-out experience.

Updated 24/7, Tawlat keeps you informed about upcoming events, special discounts and exclusive promotions, which can all be booked directly through your device.

Best of all – Tawlat’s special loyalty program automatically gives you reward points with every booking, which can be redeemed as a discount on your next reservation or accumulated for an even bigger discount another time.

Isn’t that cool?

Sign up now. It’s free.




WSP script for 120 second video

32,000 highway deaths.

5.5 billion hours of travel delay.

2.9 billion gallons of wasted fuel in the US alone…

Connected and Automated Vehicles are the key to reducing these numbers.

In fact very soon driving might be as easy as a one-time keystroke on a mobile device.

Are you ready for this ground-breaking societal transformation?

You may be creating policy for it.

You may be planning ahead for it.

You may already be managing it.

You may be engaged in pilot projects.

As the trusted advisor in transportation, WSP Parsons Brinckerhoff is helping agencies adapt at all levels to this infrastructure revolution.

Since 2009 we have been working with US DOT’s Safety Pilot Model Deployment and the evolution of C/AV, from policy to planning to engineering to operations…

Evaluating the long term plans and application of modifications to the current infrastructure network…

Steering the design of new roadside and traffic technology and coordinating its full deployment…

Implementing new engineering systems throughout the on-going transformation process…

Supporting key agents in gaining vital experience with real-world operation…

Adaptation to change is vital. We are here to help you understand where you are and what steps you need to take next on the road to this new network of automated transportation…

We’re talking about a future that is just around the corner.

You want to get there. We have the experience to help.

WSP Parsons Brinckerhoff – world leaders of C/AV revolution


Medvisit 60 second script

Anna likes to travel a lot.

But one time she became sick in another country and spent hours waiting to see a doctor at the hospital.

Well, she will never have to wait that long again, because Anna discovered Medvisit.

Medvisit for mobile or tablet gives you access to 24 hour a day medical care wherever you are in the world in just one hour.

And that’s a real doctor, who comes to visit you in person – not some virtual consultation via skype.

All Medvisit doctors are fully certified and verified to diagnose, treat and prescribe medication for a fixed affordable fee that you can claim back later on insurance. No cash required.



Health checks




Whether you’re traveling for fun or business, Medvisit gives you peace of mind.

Safe, quick and reimbursable – that’s Medvisit, a doctor wherever you are.

Download Medvisit for patients now from App Store & Play Store.


BULLS BIKES (90 second script)

Okay, let’s cut to the chase.

You want a bike like no other.

You want a bike that is world class and ridden by champions. And save money and time in the process.

Well, now it’s possible!

Introducing Bulls Bikes USA!

Bulls Bikes are engineered and tested in Germany by TEAM BULLS, the world renowned 3-time winner of the Cape Epic mountain bike race and are now available here in the US –exclusively through www.bullsbikesusa.com

Ordering a Bulls Bike online is effortless.

Have a look at the bikes. Choose your model, colour, frame size.

Not sure about the right size bike for you? Simply use our special height and in-seam calculation app to find out.

And if you’re still not sure, you can use our live chat or 1800 support service to help you further.

Within days you will receive your very own Bulls Bike, 99% ready assembled and fully calibrated by our team of expert mechanics in L.A.

20 minutes later and you will be enjoying the ride of your life.

Best of all – buying online saves you stacks of money. And we’re always open.

In the rare event that something isn’t quite right – it’s easy to return the bike to us for a full refund or replacement.

What is more, you get full life-time warranty on your frame for extra peace of mind.

Bulls Bikes USA – are you ready to grab your Bulls by the bars…?


FLYLADY 90 second script

Everybody deserves the joy of a peaceful, welcoming home – but that can seem impossible when there’s mystery water filled with dirty dishes, laundry begging to be washed and clutter in every room.

At FlyLady Premium we understand what it’s like because we’ve been there – but we also know how to fix it.

FlyLady has been successfully helping hundreds of thousands of women get their house in order since 1999…  and now that help just got a whole lot better.

Because now when you join FlyLady Premium you get –

Weekly private sessions with your very own FlyLady Mentor, 1-on-1 via Skype, to guide, encourage, and motivate you.

Your FlyLady Mentor understands what you’re going through because she’s been there. All of our mentors were once FlyBabies just like you.

You also get Weekly Flight Plans that serve as step-by-step guides to revealing the buried beauty within your home.

Access to The FlyLady’s 12-week video course on decluttering and establishing routines.

Live-streamed games that bring all of our Premium Members and FlyLady Mentors together as a virtual team for stacks of decluttering fun!

A private FlyLady community that allows you to really get to know your mentor and the 20-30 other FlyBabies in your group for mutual motivation and support while taking this life-changing journey together.

You don’t have to try to do this alone anymore… We’re here for you.

Make it your time to fly… with FlyLady Premium.


DEVOTE script for 60 second video

We know what it’s like. You love to give…

But it’s not always possible when you don’t carry cash.

So great, you look like a cheapskate!

But we know you’re not. Which is why you need…


Devote is the free, safe & convenient way to send donations with just the click of a button.

How does it work?

With Devote, you simply store a payment card on your cell.

You make your donation using Devote’s super secure bank-grade encryption.

The non-profit receives it within 24 hours.

You receive an instant tax-deductible receipt.

Everything is done in seconds. And you can setup up recurring donations – daily, weekly, monthly, yearly.

No hassles, no checks or cash to carry, no direct debit forms to fill, no looking like a cheapskate, no problem.

Just a really simple way to give without all the red tape.

Devote – give instantly, for free.

COLORE script for 2 minute video

You know that feeling when you need something quick and you don’t know where to get it?

I had that not long ago.

I had an assignment. I needed a map. It had to be a special kind of map. A unique one. One that would contain data specific to my project.

What? Is that even possible?

My boss just stared at me. She nodded. Use your imagination.

So I did.

Colore is the coolest way to create your own unique map to illustrate data and information for graphic effect.

I needed to write a paper about the 1976 Summer Olympics and which countries won the most medals.

Colore let me do this in a variety of brilliant eye-catching ways to help create a map that perfectly illustrated my written text.

I could save and preview the map as I went along.

I could paste my research data into the online editor from a spread sheet.

I could even send it to my email inbox and share to my favourite social media networks.

The map remained safe in the Colore cloud and I could access and edit it from anywhere, even on my home iPad.

And it didn’t have any of those annoying watermarks or copyright stamps splattered all over it. Just a nice, clean graphic all of my own.

No trial periods, no plug-ins, no limited user-time, no credit card needed and you don’t even have to register to use most of Colore’s amazing features.

Colore is the coolest data visualisation tool you will ever find and use.

Use it for serious stuff, use it for fun. Either way you get heaps of great data graphics every time.

Try it now, like I did – it’s free and ever so easy to use.

You won’t be disappointed.

LEGION TRAINING script for 3 minute video

Hey, we know how you feel.

You want to get fit. Lose weight. Tone up. Build muscle. Improve your diet or a combination of all.

But how do you go about achieving that successfully and yet more importantly maintain that fitness?

Here at Legion Training we show you how.

You see correct training and nutrition are the key factors in achieving a great body – not how many hours you spend slogging it out at the gym.

In fact using our special Legion Training solution designed by celebrity trainer Tyrone Bell, we can get you fit in just 19 minutes.

Yes that’s right. Our workouts last just 19 minutes and are the same as the ones used by Tyrone for the cast of hit TV series Spartacus and many other films and series.

Whether you are male or female, using our highly acclaimed easy to use online training and nutrition system will get you the body you crave in as little as six weeks.

So how does it work?

All you have to do is sign up.

Complete our online health questionnaire.

We examine your answers and depending on your current lifestyle, body composition and fitness goals, prepare for you your very own revolutionary Legion Training program that will get you looking and feeling sensational in next to no time.

You get a special individual web page.

We give you a customized training workout every day you are scheduled to train.

All workouts are detailed and accompanied by an instructional video to ensure you are performing the workouts correctly.

Weekly workout breakdowns explain why you are performing these exercises and how it affects your body.

Tracking software will allow you to monitor your progress.

Meal plans are customized specially for you calculating all the calories and macro nutrient ratios specific to your body. And if you are in doubt how to cook, we even show you how to do that.

So why should you trust Legion Training?

Because we know the health and fitness world is full of misinformation. Bad advice. Scam systems, bogus potions and fad diets.

But when you adopt the Legion Lifestyle we help you bypass all that and simply get the best health and fitness regime known to man…and Spartacus!

Just ask the thousands who have already signed up.

Get in, get out and reap the rewards – that’s our ethos! It can be yours too.

To find out more sign up to Legion today for the health you long for and body you desire.